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Study Skills

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This area can host links to study skills resources.

## Distance and e-learning

I would like to promote distance and e-learning to as many people as possible. To this end: I include below some links to help people.

Any distance learning is a BIG decision, there are lots of factors that will affect your ability to study and get the most out of your course.

The following OpenLearn courses may be helpful. OpenLearn is part of the Open University.

* [Am I ready to be a distance learner]( ... iption-tab)
* [Essay and report writing skills]( ... iption-tab)
* [Reading and note taking – preparation for study]( ... iption-tab)
* [Extending and developing your thinking skills]( ... iption-tab)
* [Maths for science]( ... ls-science)
* [Reading and note taking : Preparation for study - 12 hours]( ... iption-tab)

Once you are signed up you should have access to both the OpenLearn courses and the full paid for courses the OU offer, and also their excellent study guides.

* [Open University Skills for Study](
* [English: skills for learning]( ... iption-tab)

## Theory, Practice and Research

* [Social Constructivism](
* [ Constructivism](
* [ Kinesthetic learning](
* [Learning ideas]( - Suggested by @Coralie
* [Feynman Technique for learning fast](
* [Practical Typography](
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